Busy 🐝 here

Happy Monday Everyone.

I hope and pray all had a Blessed weekend..

This weekend was a busy one on my end, Cleaning the yard up,mowing ,raking leaves and bagging them up and weed eating, watered plants.

Cleaned  the garage out.

Straightened up sons room while he was at work,vacuumed, cleaned his bathroom.

Did laundry during all the house work.

Picked everything up in living room,swept,mopped,dusted,move few pieces of furniture around.

Picked every thing up on kitchen and dining room,swept,mopped,dusted.

Bathroom,shook rugs out,swept,mopped,scrubbed.

Master bedroom, vacuumed,dusted, changed bedding.

Deep cleaned my worship room taking everything out of closet and bagging clothes up that I do not wear any more.

Total of 3 trash bags,2 Walmart sacks,two board games,and book’s


Getting rid of craft stuff I have not used in awhile, and clearing out books I am finished with that I did not want to keep and straighten the shelf back up.


Refolding sheets and matching them  up and getting rid of ones that is not a set, straightening closet shelves after clearing out  sleep wear that I also have not worn ,then taking t shirts off hangers and folding them neatly..It is so awesome to have a tidy closet once more 😀






Now here it is 2:05 A.M I tied up trash  took out to trash bin,and now I am washing towels,

Actually w–i–d–e awake


Well I am going to get off here,and write out my schedule for the week on what all I need to do lol.